Casual Sex Contacts UK

There are many different reasons behind someone wanting to go out there and actually look for a bit of cheeky casual sex action on a lonely, frustrating Friday night. Casual sex isn’t just casual sex – it’s not a case of hooking up with someone, drunk, in some trendy-looking wine bar, and hoping they don’t want anything more when you both wake up the next morning. Casual sex is so much better than your average one night stand.

Put it this way – if you thought those one night things were good for you, you have no clue until you’ve met someone online that knows you want nothing but sex, doesn’t want anything but sex themselves, and won’t bug you until you propose, give them a couple of kids, and put a nice white-picket-fence around the yard and a nice looking roof over their heads.

Casual sex is nothing like that.

There’s ‘rec sex’ for example – recreational sex. This is sex you have because you can – it’s fun, you have fun, you let your hair down a little bit because you know it’s just for fun. You’re not worrying about the future, or what the next couple of months will bring you. You’re just living in the hear and now.

What’s so wrong with that anyway?

There’s also ‘booty call’ sex – sex that you have on a drunken Friday night – you shoot a cheeky message and hope they say yes in return. When they do (and if you met them on a casual sex dating website, they probably will if they have nothing else going on) you have a night of frivolous fun that brings with it no ties or hassles, and just a truck load of sexy, hot fun!

‘Appointment sex’ – you’re free next Thursday afternoon so you want someone to help you occupy that time, preferably with something you really enjoy doing. What more could you enjoy doing than casual sex? What better person to have casual sex with than someone that wants to have casual sex with you…?

‘Mercy sex’ – OK so this is a kind of unspoken one really – mercy sex is the sex you have with someone that you’re not all that into, but they seem to be into you and you have nothing else going on that night so you may as well ‘give it a go’. We’ve all been there…. C’mon!

‘Occasion sex’ – you need someone to go to a party with you, pretend to be your right now girlfriend for the night, (or boyfriend) give you rip-roaring drunken sex for everyone else to hear that night, and then leave the next morning without a care in the world, not worried if they’re going to meet your parents next week or not.

I bet you’re wondering why I’m discussing all of this right now? I bet you’re wondering what all this has to do with casual sex dating – why is this being brought up?

The reality of casual sex dating is this – all of those people discussed above are people that you will meet on these websites. They are girls (and boys) that don’t have time for a ‘real’ relationship, or maybe just don’t want one. Perhaps they’re not long out of a relationship and are looking for an ego-boost of sorts? Maybe they’re secretly married but aren’t getting what they want back home?
Maybe, just maybe, they are looking for whatever it is that you are looking for? No ties, adult fun, casual sex, no strings attached stuff that will leave you both with a smile on your faces and a spring in your step the next morning! 😉