Casual Sex Encounters

Have you ever read the Daily Mail newspaper? If you had around June of 2014, you would have seen some surprising stats that revealed people who indulged in a bit of polite casual sex generally suffered with depression a whole load less than those that didn’t.

As if that statistic wasn’t surprising enough by itself, there were a few more cheeky numbers that you may be eager to learn about. Like the fact that this sexual act, once considered to be accompanied by great feelings of regret, guilt and heartache, actually has many positive benefits on both the body and mind.

That pretty much underlines it – casual sex is good for your health!

For years, casual sex has been seen as something taboo – something you didn’t talk about in public, and even your close friends would raise an eyebrow as you told tales of past Friday nights with women that were so hot and willing in bed, they’d never believe it.

The study, taken over a period of nine months, covering over 370 students of both sexes, showed that men got the biggest benefits but that’s not to say the ladies didn’t reap the plus points too.

As well as lower risks associated with depression, a better self-esteem and confidence level was reported by those in the group (over forty percent) that happily dipped their toes in the casual sex dating pool, but only those that went into it with their eyes open and their minds cleared.

To really enjoy casual sex, you need to want it, yearn after it, lust after it and generally, have a positive attitude towards it. That’s why those looking for casual sex should try websites dedicated to just that – matching people with like minded views on NSA fun.

What’s the point in trying to have adult, no connections fun with a girl (or guy) who is just looking for a relationship? Somewhere along that line, you are going to need to break their heart and who really wants to do that? Who wants to be that guy?

Of course, there are a lot of very common misconceptions about casual sex that often puts people off trying it at all. There’s the idea that women will ALWAYS get attached, even when they said they wouldn’t. Although this can happen, and probably will happen occasionally, women generally get the idea when they are signing up to a dating website that is just for adult fun – no strings attached encounters. What women in their right mind would join one of those sites looking for a guy that was ready and willing to settle down? Think about it.

Another misconception or taboo about casual sex is that it is dirty, and it encourages the spread of sexually transmitted infections, which again, just isn’t true. In fact, you’ll find most singles signed up to these sites regard sexual health as one of the most important factors of the whole process – if you won’t put a condom on, you won’t get to have fun, it really is as simple as that. Casual sex can hardly be responsible for the spread of disease when those partaking are so anal about not doing just that, can it?

It may be something only just starting to break into the conventional dating scene, but casual sex is soon becoming one of the most popular dating styles for young and old males and females alike, all around the world. It’s not just abut getting your end away, as such – casual sex has a purpose, much in the same way as any other sexual experience. Are you ready to experience it?