Casual Sex UK

I’m not saying that this type of dating behaviour needs to be condoned or anything. In fact, I’m a big fan of a bit of casual sex / hookup fun. But a friend recently asked me what the point was of just having sex with people? Did it really serve any purpose in my life.

This, of course deserved a list of, yes, you guessed it – the 5 uses for sexy dating.

1 – You don’t know what you do or don’t like yet.

You don’t. You might think that you do but you really don’t. I slept with a beautiful Ukrainian girl last week that had a bit of a fetish for latex underwear. It’s not something I’ve ever considered thinking about before, nor had I ever expressed a desire to fuck a girl while she was wearing what I could only class as plastic. However, when Liana peeled off her figure-hugging black dress to reveal the sexiest, second-skin latex underwear I’ve ever seen in my life, my balls were fit to burst.

I now have a pretty big thing for latex underwear! 😉

2 – It feels GREAT.

Every now and again, you need something that makes you feel good. For some guys, it’s heading to the bar on a Friday with the boys, getting bladdered out of their faces and taking some 5/10 home, normally cheating on their girlfriends as they do so. For me, it’s hooking up with a 8 or 9/10, without a care in the world, no girlfriend to worry about or lie to, and no commitments to worry about. I know which kind of fun I would much rather have.

3 – It’s actually good for you.

It doesn’t just make you feel good but great sex, something I generally almost always have when I go on sexy dating dates, will involve a really good orgasm and those have a whole bunch of health positives hand in hand with them. It will give you great skin, get the blood pumping, release endorphins, give you a brain-boost, and whole load more.

If science says its good for you, I’m going with that.

4 – Practice makes perfect.

You can’t become a great lover with no experience behind you and let’s be honest about this, Google will only help you so far. The more sex you have, the better you’ll get at it. The more girls you sleep with, the more different experiences you will have and again, the more you’ll learn from it. You’ll get better and learn more essentially – that will make you the perfect lover!

5 – Your younger years are for experimenting.

Aren’t you meant to get all your fantasies out the way before you settle down, get married, pop out a couple of kids and live not-so-happily ever after? Aren’t you meant to go traveling, taste adventure, get to grips with life and generally have a good time before all the serious stuff comes along and ruins it all?

Why aren’t you experimenting more with sex? Why aren’t you having the time of your life? What is it that keeps you with your girlfriend when you’re nowhere near sure she’s the right one for you, and you’re pretty sure is going to leave you soon anyway because you’ve lost all interest in her?

You could be having much more fun, my friend. Aren’t the 5 uses for sexy dating enough to convince you of that yet?