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Think you are ready to become “fuck buddies” with someone? Do you think you are ready for a relationship like this; casual, adult, no strings attached, no emotion involved? Are you really ready for that kind of relationship…?

Maybe you should read this article about fuck buddies first?

Before you delve into the world of “fuck buddies” and start your quest for finding the one applicant that will occupy your time in the bedroom and nowhere else, you should probably understand what it means first.

It’s a phrase thrown around a lot, but if we’re being brutally honest, fuck buddies isn’t quite what most people believe it is.

Sleeping with your ex, for example, will never turn out as just fuck buddies. That’s a relationship that already has emotion attached so if you think you can switch those feelings off for a quick Friday night fumble, you’re mistaken.

The easiest way that we found to describe the term “fuck buddies” was to use the good old Urban Dictionary:

Fuck Buddies:

“All the benefits of being in a relationship minus the bullshit like not doing enough for Valentine’s Day or her birthday, not spending 3 months salary on a stupid ring, and not spending enough quality time with her.

‘The sex with Lisa is great but she’s a pain in the ass – I wish we could just be fuck buddies and not boyfriend/girlfriend’”

Some people might call it friends with benefits. Others may refer to it as a booty call. Some may prefer the term casual sex.

Lover, hook up, FWB, whatever it is you like to call it, there’s something to be said for it, especially if you’re not looking for anything more serious than just that.

A fuck buddy is a person that you don’t get emotionally attracted to. That means sleeping with the ex isn’t technically classed as fuck buddies. You’re just screwing the ex. This new person, this casual fuck friend, is under no illusions about you – they know you just want sex from them, and they just want sex from you. That’s what makes it all so refreshingly simple. If the two of you are single, and aren’t bothered about any kind of emotional connection, you are classed as fuck buddies.

So now you know what it is, how do you go about finding one – the elusive casual sex partner?

Obviously, a fuck buddy is someone that you are going to be having sex with so you need to be somewhat attracted towards them, right?

The internet is a great place to start for any kind of relationship these days, but casual sex and fuck buddies is one of the booming industries on the world wide web right now, and with more and more people expressing a very firm interest in the style of dating, more and more websites are making it a hobby, of sorts, that is becoming easily accessible to normal people – people just like you and me.

There are just a couple of simple rules if you plan on starting your fuck buddies adventure this evening, sat alone in front of your tablet or laptop, ad they are as follows:

1 – Always be polite. They are well within their rights to change their mind right up until the very end. Sometimes you won’t want to go through with it, sometimes they won’t be all that into you. It doesn’t happen that often but remember, manners cost nothing and disrespect and bad manners will always put a potential partner off.

2 – ALWAYS HAVE SAFE SEX. We cannot express this enough, obviously. There is nothing sexy about a sexually transmitted infection.

3 – Remember that no strings attached is exactly that – no strings attached. If you are starting to feel an emotional attachment, don’t assume they are too. It’s probably best to just cut your losses now.