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When it comes to casual or random sex, the most commonly asked question is “is it for me?”. Unfortunately there is no real answer for this particular question. The success of casual sex depends entirely on the person having it. It depends on what their personality type is and what they’re looking for deep down. There’s no standard answer for that question. In fact, there is no standard answer for any questions regarding dating or casual sex. It all differs from person to person and situation to situation.

Another one of the most commonly asked questions is “is looking online safe?”. This question has a more solid answer. If you’re properly screening the website you’re using, yes it is likely safe. Of course there are rare exceptions, but as a standard rule it’s safe to look for sex online. Again, it depends on the website. You’re not going to want to go looking on forums and such. You’re going to want to be looking through a reputable hook up site. But if you are, you should be okay.

The real question of safety is how you choose to use the website. If you’re giving out personal information, you’re not safe. If you’re not getting enough information about the person you’re planning to meet up with, you’re not being safe. There are regular rules to online interactions that all lead back to using common sense. Offline, this stays in play. When you meet the person you’re hooking up with, your instinct should give you a hint as to whether or not you’ll be safe. If you get a bad feeling, get out. If you don’t, proceed. It’s up to you.

If you’re new to casual and random sex, one of the questions you’re asking is “how do I approach details?”. Well when it comes to your sexual activity, you want to feel comfortable with being open about what you want. If you’re comfortable with your hook up, the conversation should naturally progress to more personal details about what you’re looking for. If it doesn’t, you can always nudge it in the right direction with a question like “what are you looking for?”. If you include a wink, or a sexy voice, your hook up should understand you want to talk about sexual details. There are some people who don’t understand hints though. You’ll need to be upfront and blunt about what you want to talk about.

You may also be asking “how does it work?”. That’s a common question as well. Once you’ve made a contact and discussed a hook up, you’ll likely meet up in person. This first meeting should be somewhere public, like a cafe or a park. Somewhere with witnesses. Then, after you’ve gotten to know each other a little more (or picked up on their personality) you can move the date somewhere more private. If the person you’re hooking up with has done this before, let them take the lead. If they haven’t, it’s a good time to use comedy to make light of what could otherwise feel like an awkward situation. You’ll either head back to your place, their place, or a hotel. It all depends what you agreed to together. After you’ve had a little fun, the goodbye can be awkward. But, try and remember that you both had this casual encounter in mind. You can tell the person you enjoyed meeting them and take off. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

The most important thing to remember about casual sex and random sex is that it’s all about enjoying yourself. It’s about having a good time with someone who wants the same things that you do.