Adult Sex Contacts UK

Let’s just assume that for the first time in your life, you have decided to use your head and partake in sex that you really will enjoy, and have time for.

Casual sex is perfect for those that either don’t want a regular relationship, or simply don’t have the time to fit someone special and significant in, and over the last few years, seems to have become increasingly popular amongst the younger generations and the older generations alike!

Of course, casual sex only works when you know the rules – when you know how to play the game properly, so here are the sex tips you need to know for an ideal casual relationship…

1 – Ask questions, be inquisitive!

One of the best things EVER about having a casual sex relationship with someone is the fact that it often goes above and beyond what you would normally expect from a ‘regular’ relationship, at least in the bedroom department, that is!

Do you know what that means? It means that as long as you are willing to experiment, ask questions, and be inquisitive about new techniques, you too could better your sexual prowess. When you are having casual sex, you might be having sex with a couple of different partners (or multiple partners if you are really lucky!) and by doing this, you’ll learn a whole load more about what you could be doing differently in the bedroom.

Although no one really likes to be told that they aren’t up to scratch between the sheets, there is nothing wrong with learning a few new moves from time to time! 😉

2 – Get your sexual fantasies done!

As well as learning new things, you have the opportunity to try new things so why not do just that?!

If you’ve always dreamed of banging some beautiful blonde out the back of your car in the middle of a secluded field, why not ask that beautiful blonde you are chatting to, if you can? The worst that could happen is that she’ll say she’d rather not and let’s be honest, casual sex singles are generally more open to new ideas than regular dating! They’ve already signed up to a website that many other people wouldn’t…

If you don’t ask, you don’t get – who knows what you could be missing out on!

3 – Try not to act like a boyfriend

…But at the same time, don’t be a total jerk. She wants casual sex, not a loving partner, but that doesn’t mean that chivalry goes out the window. Try to make sure she at least gets her orgasm – as much as you want to get your end away, she does too otherwise she wouldn’t be there.

Plus it’s just rude to blurt your load first and not finish her off. Disappoint her at this crucial stage, and you won’t be getting a call back regardless of how casual the situation is.

4 – Let your hair down!

Who cares about body hang-ups? The person you’re taking to your bed tonight clearly likes you otherwise they wouldn’t be there in the first place. The casual sex market is a big one with plenty of competition so if you already have someone hot and ready in front of you, don’t let your confidence issues get in the way.

You might not have the biggest manhood, or the best sexual prowess, but after a few weeks, you will at least have learned enough to keep a woman satisfied and when it comes down to it – that’s the best ego-booster you need.

Use all of the above points and you’ll be well on your way to having the PERFECT casual sex coupling, not just an ideal one!