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Sex Tips For An Ideal Casual Relationship

Let’s just assume that for the first time in your life, you have decided to use your head and partake in sex that you really will enjoy, and have time for.

Casual sex is perfect for those that either don’t want a regular relationship, or simply don’t have the time to fit someone special and significant in, and over the last few years, seems to have become increasingly popular amongst the younger generations and the older generations alike!

Of course, casual sex only works when you know the rules – when you know how to play the game properly, so here are the sex tips you need to know for an ideal casual relationship…

1 – Ask questions, be inquisitive!

One of the best things EVER about having a casual sex relationship with someone is the fact that it often goes above and beyond what you would normally expect from a ‘regular’ relationship, at least in the bedroom department, that is!

Do you know what that means? It means that as long as you are willing to experiment, ask questions, and be inquisitive about new techniques, you too could better your sexual prowess. When you are having casual sex, you might be having sex with a couple of different partners (or multiple partners if you are really lucky!) and by doing this, you’ll learn a whole load more about what you could be doing differently in the bedroom.

Although no one really likes to be told that they aren’t up to scratch between the sheets, there is nothing wrong with learning a few new moves from time to time! 😉

adult contacts uk2 – Get your sexual fantasies done!

As well as learning new things, you have the opportunity to try new things so why not do just that?!

If you’ve always dreamed of banging some beautiful blonde out the back of your car in the middle of a secluded field, why not ask that beautiful blonde you are chatting to, if you can? The worst that could happen is that she’ll say she’d rather not and let’s be honest, casual sex singles are generally more open to new ideas than regular dating! They’ve already signed up to a website that many other people wouldn’t…

If you don’t ask, you don’t get – who knows what you could be missing out on!

3 – Try not to act like a boyfriend…

…But at the same time, don’t be a total jerk. She wants casual sex, not a loving partner, but that doesn’t mean that chivalry goes out the window. Try to make sure she at least gets her orgasm – as much as you want to get your end away, she does too otherwise she wouldn’t be there.

Plus it’s just rude to blurt your load first and not finish her off. Disappoint her at this crucial stage, and you won’t be getting a call back regardless of how casual the situation is.

4 – Let your hair down!

Who cares about body hang-ups? The person you’re taking to your bed tonight clearly likes you otherwise they wouldn’t be there in the first place. The casual sex market is a big one with plenty of competition so if you already have someone hot and ready in front of you, don’t let your confidence issues get in the way.

You might not have the biggest manhood, or the best sexual prowess, but after a few weeks, you will at least have learnt enough to keep a woman satisfied and when it comes down to it – that’s the best ego-booster you need.

Use all of the above points and you’ll be well on your way to having the PERFECT casual sex coupling, not just an ideal one!

If You Read One Article About Fuck Buddies Read This One

Think you are ready to become “fuck buddies” with someone? Do you think you are ready for a relationship like this; casual, adult, no strings attached, no emotion involved? Are you really ready for that kind of relationship…?

Maybe you should read this article about fuck buddies first?

Before you delve into the world of “fuck buddies” and start your quest for finding the one applicant that will occupy your time in the bedroom and nowhere else, you should probably understand what it means first.

It’s a phrase thrown around a lot, but if we’re being brutally honest, fuck buddies isn’t quite what most people believe it is.

Sleeping with your ex, for example, will never turn out as just fuck buddies. That’s a relationship that already has emotion attached so if you think you can switch those feelings off for a quick Friday night fumble, you’re mistaken.

The easiest way that we found to describe the term “fuck buddies” was to use the good old Urban Dictionary:

Fuck Buddies:

All the benefits of being in a relationship minus the bullshit like not doing enough for Valentine’s Day or her birthday, not spending 3 months salary on a stupid ring, and not spending enough quality time with her.

The sex with Lisa is great but she’s a pain in the ass – I wish we could just be fuck buddies and not boyfriend/girlfriend’”

Some people might call it friends with benefits. Others may refer to it as a booty call. Some may prefer the term casual sex.

Lover, hook up, FWB, whatever it is you like to call it, there’s something to be said for it, especially if you’re not looking for anything more serious than just that.

A fuck buddy is a person that you don’t get emotionally attracted to. That means sleeping with the ex isn’t technically classed as fuck buddies. You’re just screwing the ex. This new person, this casual fuck friend, is under no illusions about you – they know you just want sex from them, and they just want sex from you. That’s what makes it all so refreshingly simple. If the two of you are single, and aren’t bothered about any kind of emotional connection, you are classed as fuck buddies.

So now you know what it is, how do you go about finding one – the elusive casual sex partner?

Obviously, a fuck buddy is someone that you are going to be having sex with so you need to be somewhat attracted towards them, right?

The internet is a great place to start for any kind of relationship these days, but casual sex and fuck buddies is one of the booming industries on the world wide web right now, and with more and more people expressing a very firm interest in the style of dating, more and more websites are making it a hobby, of sorts, that is becoming easily accessible to normal people – people just like you and me.

There are just a couple of simple rules if you plan on starting your fuck buddies adventure this evening, sat alone in front of your tablet or laptop, ad they are as follows:

1 – Always be polite. They are well within their rights to change their mind right up until the very end. Sometimes you won’t want to go through with it, sometimes they won’t be all that into you. It doesn’t happen that often but remember, manners cost nothing and disrespect and bad manners will always put a potential partner off.

2 – ALWAYS HAVE SAFE SEX. We cannot express this enough, obviously. There is nothing sexy about a sexually transmitted infection.

3 – Remember that no strings attached is exactly that – no strings attached. If you are starting to feel an emotional attachment, don’t assume they are too. It’s probably best to just cut your losses now.

How Sex Dating Isnt As Bad As You Think

Yes, of course sex dating sounds really bad, doesn’t it? The idea of casually meeting someone on a website that you agree to have just sex with, no emotional ties, no uncomfortable break ups, no love affair to go horribly and terrifically wrong – that really sounds like the worst thing in the world, doesn’t it?

Seriously – think about it. Casual sex, adult fun, NSA, extra-curricular, whatever it is that you want to call it – there is something be said about that style of dating. The type of dating that no one talks about. It can’t be as bad as you think if everyone seems to be doing it….

(Trust us on this one – they are…)

When I first signed up to a sex dating website and searched by location for horny and hot women to screw, fuck buddies if you like, but ones that had the same idea as me, I was AMAZED by how many girls I’d actually seen around and about. I saw one beautiful busty blonde that worked just across from me in the shopping centre. I’ve not mustered up the balls to actually message her yet because she’s like a ten out of ten hot and you need to be really confident to go for those kinda girls. It’s crazy the kinda ladies you’ll find on these casual sex dating websites. You’ll understand when you sign up and start searching, trust me.

The girl that seems to get the same train as you most mornings, the girl with the long red hair that you’re sure isn’t her natural colour, with the big red lips to match – she’s on that website. Do you want to know how I know that? Because I’ve banged her. I’ve probably banged a few women you lust after on a day to day basis. I’m enjoying the fruits that the sex dating tree has to offer, and you’d be a fool to miss out on that kind of action in your life. It’s not something I do all the time but when I’m in between relationships, of course I want to sow my wild oats… Don’t we all?

women looking for sexSex dating is easy. It’s simple. There’s no muss and no fuss. There’s no complicate relationships or emotional ties. It’s simple, to the point, and there are never any crossed wires.

Do you really think the girls you’re seeing these sex dating websites are really looking for a relationship? All girls love a bad guy but there are very few out there stupid enough to believe they could ‘change’ a man they met on a sex-only website into wanting the full she-bang with her – marriage, kids, a dog, two hamsters, and a goldfish.

The girls you’ll come across on these sites know exactly what they’re getting themselves into. They’re probably just like you – not weird and creep in the slightest but lonely after one too many Friday nights spent by yourself while your friends all seem to be coupling off.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting the touch of someone’s flesh on yours, and those girls – the girls you’ll find on sex dating websites, that’s all they want from you. No emotion, no “I love you”, no complicated stuff – just sex. That’s all – just sex.

How Meeting Adult Contacts Makes You A Better Lover

Right guys, let’s get to the root of the matter here, shall we? Let’s talk about how meeting adult contacts makes you a better lover. Do you really not think it’s going to happen? Do you really think you won’t learn anything along your journey of some of the hottest women you’ve ever set your eyes on, having the most exhilarating sexual experiences that will make your toes tingle, ticking off fantasy after fantasy from that sexual checklist you have going on in your head.

That’s how adult contacts can make you a better lover – these women will lead way for some of the most open-minded, exploring, exciting women in your lifetime. It would be a shame to let them all go to waste.

There are many reasons that can prove this point to you too. Just take a peek:

nsa sex dating uk1 – Its fun.

What’s not fun about sex? What’s not to love about sex? Sex is one of the greatest pleasures known to man, why wouldn’t you want to do it more. Plus it just makes perfect sense to have more sex – practice makes perfect, so the more sex you have, the better a lover you will become.

2 – Theres no commitment.

No one likes those clingy girls and let’s face it, more of the normal girls end up being clingy and crazy at some point. Luckily for most of them it happens within a couple of weeks and you have a chance to get rid of them before it all gets just too much. That’s the good thing about meeting adult contacts though – there’s no commitment which is a plus point by itself… Plus it brings about all these little other plus points too!

3 – Youll care less.

Right, as harsh as it sounds, but you’ll be less bothered about what someone thinks when you’re not entirely sure you’ll be seeing them again. At the very worst, you won’t have a great night and your ego will be dented slightly, but you’ll never need to face her again so it doesn’t really matter.

At the very best, you’ll be brave enough to ask for things that normally, you wouldn’t ask a girl you’re trying to date or impress, and you’ll be amazed at how many girls will actually want to do the things you want to do. It’s like a win-win situation. You get to do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing, and you get to have a whole load of fun as you do them.

4 – Youll tick off some fantasies.

For the above reason alone, you’ll do things that you never actually thought you’d end up doing. I once asked this beautiful brunette girl with the biggest tits I’ve ever been blessed enough to try and cup in my hands, if I could have a threesome with her and a random girl we’d noticed and agreed was hot in the bar. She said yes, believe it or not. And so did the random girl we’d agreed was hot. I never saw either of them ever again but I can tell you this – I had a splendid night! 😉

There are so many reasons why meeting adult contacts and having casual sex with someone you have no emotional ties to will make you a much better lover. These are just a few of them. Why not have a read around or try it for yourself to find the rest? It’s so much fun when you dip your toes into this dating pool.

How Casual Sex Can Help You Live A Better Life

There are many different reasons behind someone wanting to go out there and actually look for a bit of cheeky casual sex action on a lonely, frustrating Friday night. Casual sex isn’t just casual sex – it’s not a case of hooking up with someone, drunk, in some trendy-looking wine bar, and hoping they don’t want anything more when you both wake up the next morning. Casual sex is so much better than your average one night stand.

nsa dating sex ukPut it this way – if you thought those one night things were good for you, you have no clue until you’ve met someone online that knows you want nothing but sex, doesn’t want anything but sex themselves, and won’t bug you until you propose, give them a couple of kids, and put a nice white-picket-fence around the yard and a nice looking roof over their heads.

Casual sex is nothing like that.

There’s ‘rec sex’ for example – recreational sex. This is sex you have because you can – it’s fun, you have fun, you let your hair down a little bit because you know it’s just for fun. You’re not worrying about the future, or what the next couple of months will bring you. You’re just living in the hear and now.

What’s so wrong with that anyway?

There’s also ‘booty call’ sex – sex that you have on a drunken Friday night – you shoot a cheeky message and hope they say yes in return. When they do (and if you met them on a casual sex dating website, they probably will if they have nothing else going on) you have a night of frivolous fun that brings with it no ties or hassles, and just a truck load of sexy, hot fun!

‘Appointment sex’ – you’re free next Thursday afternoon so you want someone to help you occupy that time, preferably with something you really enjoy doing. What more could you enjoy doing than casual sex? What better person to have casual sex with than someone that wants to have casual sex with you…?

‘Mercy sex’ – OK so this is a kind of unspoken one really – mercy sex is the sex you have with someone that you’re not all that into, but they seem to be into you and you have nothing else going on that night so you may as well ‘give it a go’. We’ve all been there…. C’mon!

‘Occasion sex’ – you need someone to go to a party with you, pretend to be your right now girlfriend for the night, (or boyfriend) give you rip-roaring drunken sex for everyone else to hear that night, and then leave the next morning without a care in the world, not worried if they’re going to meet your parents next week or not.

I bet you’re wondering why I’m discussing all of this right now? I bet you’re wondering what all this has to do with casual sex dating – why is this being brought up?

The reality of casual sex dating is this – all of those people discussed above are people that you will meet on these websites. They are girls (and boys) that don’t have time for a ‘real’ relationship, or maybe just don’t want one. Perhaps they’re not long out of a relationship and are looking for an ego-boost of sorts? Maybe they’re secretly married but aren’t getting what they want back home?

Maybe, just maybe, they are looking for whatever it is that you are looking for? No ties, adult fun, casual sex, no strings attached stuff that will leave you both with a smile on your faces and a spring in your step the next morning! 😉

How Casual Dating Can Make You A Better Person

When you are young, you are meant to make mistakes in life. You are meant to make the wrong choices when it comes to money, career, love and more. You are meant to be learning from your mistakes. The thing that makes me laugh these days is that people are so scared to experiment, to delve too far from the straight and narrow, to have the kind of fun they’d always dreamed of having when they were growing up. In fact, this thought process was brought about by a pretty drunken fight with a guy mate. Apparently happy with his girlfriend of five years, he told me that casual sex was making me a bad person.

no strings attached sex ukHe was wrong, of course. Casual sex does not make me a bad person. It doesn’t make anyone a bad person. The fight of words ensued and up came my argument – how casual dating can make you a better person.

For a start, I have been on actual dates with some of the women I have casual sex with. I don’t just turn up at their houses, dick out, sex on the brain. Well, unless they ask for it, of course, and some of them do. They wouldn’t ask for it if they didn’t it. Technically, surely I’m providing a service?

I digress, on these dates, I talk to the women I plan on shagging ceremoniously later on that night, and I learn from them. Over the years I’ve learned that most women love it when you hold doors open for them, that it’s never appropriate to climax and leave them to their own devices without the hint of an orgasm on the horizon, and that paying for the cab home afterwards is generally the most chivalrous thing to do.

In many cases, I’m the closest thing to actual romance that these girls have gotten for a while. Don’t get me wrong, there is some serious rip-roaring sex going on in between these almost-romance dates, but even the dates are string-free and refreshingly simple.

Just because I like to have casual sex with chicks, doesn’t mean I can’t treat them to a good time first. It’s all about respect – you might be using them to get your end away that night, and most of them already know the drill before they meet you, but you don’t need to treat them like an object you wouldn’t normally give two craps about. In fact, a bit of respect can go a long way with the ladies, and it will get you a lot further in the bedroom and out of it, than being an asshole ever will.

In short, casual dating can make you a better person if you are smart enough and willing enough to open up your mind to it. What’s the point in having that many women in your bed if you can’t learn a new trick or two out of it, and you never know – the next girl you come across might be so impressed by your new found talents that she’ll literally be begging you for more…. Until she leaves right after that is, and you never speak to her again! 😉

Casual Sex Taboos You Should Break

Have you ever read the Daily Mail newspaper? If you had around June of 2014, you would have seen some surprising stats that revealed people who indulged in a bit of polite casual sex generally suffered with depression a whole load less than those that didn’t.

As if that statistic wasn’t surprising enough by itself, there were a few more cheeky numbers that you may be eager to learn about. Like the fact that this sexual act, once considered to be accompanied by great feelings of regret, guilt and heartache, actually has many positive benefits on both the body and mind.

That pretty much underlines it – casual sex is good for your health!

For years, casual sex has been seen as something taboo – something you didn’t talk about in public, and even your close friends would raise an eyebrow as you told tales of past Friday nights with women that were so hot and willing in bed, they’d never believe it.

looking for sexThe study, taken over a period of nine months, covering over 370 students of both sexes, showed that men got the biggest benefits but that’s not to say the ladies didn’t reap the plus points too.

As well as lower risks associated with depression, a better self-esteem and confidence level was reported by those in the group (over forty percent) that happily dipped their toes in the casual sex dating pool, but only those that went into it with their eyes open and their minds cleared.

To really enjoy casual sex, you need to want it, yearn after it, lust after it and generally, have a positive attitude towards it. That’s why those looking for casual sex should try websites dedicated to just that – matching people with like minded views on NSA fun.

What’s the point in trying to have adult, no connections fun with a girl (or guy) who is just looking for a relationship? Somewhere along that line, you are going to need to break their heart and who really wants to do that? Who wants to be that guy?

Of course, there are a lot of very common misconceptions about casual sex that often puts people off trying it at all. There’s the idea that women will ALWAYS get attached, even when they said they wouldn’t. Although this can happen, and probably will happen occasionally, women generally get the idea when they are signing up to a dating website that is just for adult fun – no strings attached encounters. What women in their right mind would join one of those sites looking for a guy that was ready and willing to settle down? Think about it.

Another misconception or taboo about casual sex is that it is dirty, and it encourages the spread of sexually transmitted infections, which again, just isn’t true. In fact, you’ll find most singles signed up to these sites regard sexual health as one of the most important factors of the whole process – if you won’t put a condom on, you won’t get to have fun, it really is as simple as that. Casual sex can hardly be responsible for the spread of disease when those partaking are so anal about not doing just that, can it?

It may be something only just starting to break into the conventional dating scene, but casual sex is soon becoming one of the most popular dating styles for young and old males and females alike, all around the world. It’s not just abut getting your end away, as such – casual sex has a purpose, much in the same way as any other sexual experience. Are you ready to experience it?

5 Uses For Sexy Dating

I’m not saying that this type of dating behaviour needs to be condoned or anything. In fact, I’m a big fan of a bit of casual sex / hookup fun. But a friend recently asked me what the point was of just having sex with people? Did it really serve any purpose in my life.

This, of course deserved a list of, yes, you guessed it – the 5 uses for sexy dating.

free uk sex contacts1 – You dont know what you do or dont like yet.

You don’t. You might think that you do but you really don’t. I slept with a beautiful Ukrainian girl last week that had a bit of a fetish for latex underwear. It’s not something I’ve ever considered thinking about before, nor had I ever expressed a desire to fuck a girl while she was wearing what I could only class as plastic. However, when Liana peeled off her figure-hugging black dress to reveal the sexiest, second-skin latex underwear I’ve ever seen in my life, my balls were fit to burst.

I now have a pretty big thing for latex underwear! 😉

2 – It feels GREAT.

Every now and again, you need something that makes you feel good. For some guys, it’s heading to the bar on a Friday with the boys, getting bladdered out of their faces and taking some 5/10 home, normally cheating on their girlfriends as they do so. For me, it’s hooking up with a 8 or 9/10, without a care in the world, no girlfriend to worry about or lie to, and no commitments to worry about. I know which kind of fun I would much rather have.

3 – Its actually good for you.

It doesn’t just make you feel good but great sex, something I generally almost always have when I go on sexy dating dates, will involve a really good orgasm and those have a whole bunch of health positives hand in hand with them. It will give you great skin, get the blood pumping, release endorphins, give you a brain-boost, and whole load more.

If science says its good for you, I’m going with that.

4 – Practice makes perfect.

You can’t become a great lover with no experience behind you and let’s be honest about this, Google will only help you so far. The more sex you have, the better you’ll get at it. The more girls you sleep with, the more different experiences you will have and again, the more you’ll learn from it. You’ll get better and learn more essentially – that will make you the perfect lover!

5 – Your younger years are for experimenting.

Aren’t you meant to get all your fantasies out the way before you settle down, get married, pop out a couple of kids and live not-so-happily ever after? Aren’t you meant to go traveling, taste adventure, get to grips with life and generally have a good time before all the serious stuff comes along and ruins it all?

Why aren’t you experimenting more with sex? Why aren’t you having the time of your life? What is it that keeps you with your girlfriend when you’re nowhere near sure she’s the right one for you, and you’re pretty sure is going to leave you soon anyway because you’ve lost all interest in her?

You could be having much more fun, my friend. Aren’t the 5 uses for sexy dating enough to convince you of that yet?

5 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Casual Sex Contacts

I shan’t give you a load of fluff and crap. I’m going to get straight to the point. Casual sex, NSA fun, adult dating… This is a kinda of dating you really should be talking about. If you don’t believe me, check out these 5 reasons you should be talking about casual sex contacts…

1 – Itll make you a better lover.

Think about it logically. The more women you sleep with, the more chances you will have of coming across that hidden gem that lets you try anal, or agrees to try new and exciting things with you. It’s a probability thing. The more you do, the higher your chances. What better way to rack up your women, enhance your sexual experiences, and make yourself a better lover by trying new things than by using casual sex contacts? They want the same thing as you – you’d be a fool to let that slip by.

casual sex uk2 – Theres no promises.

If you don’t make promises, you can’t break promises and that means no tears, no heartaches, no bad times, no break-up’s. Sounds good doesn’t it? That’s what happens when you try some real HONEST dating – real back to basic stuff!

3 – Youll learn what girls like.

You WILL come across that one chick you’re slightly intimidated by, but shag anyway that teaches you more in one night than you learned in your entire lifetime. She’ll tell you what she wants and more than that, you know damn right she’s going to tell you how she wants it. She’ll soon tell you what you’re doing wrong. It won’t be pretty at the time, and you may even want to run away, but if you go with it, you’ll have one of the most exhilarating nights of your life. Plus you’ll know what to do when the next girls come along… 😉

4 – Youll learn what YOU like.

Oh yes, better than learning about what girls really enjoy between the sheets, you’ll find out much more about what you actually enjoy between the sheets. How would you know that you enjoyed it when a girl drags her long nails lightly down the insides of your thighs, as she blows you to completion, if that naughty redhead from last Thursday night hadn’t done it to you? Well, me! 😉

5 – Youre already kinda doing it anyway.

You know those one night stands you can’t seem to stop happening when you go out with the boys on Friday night? Well, you’re playing Russian Roulette when it comes to dating my friend. You never know whether you’re going to wake up with one of the really cool chicks that actually knows it was just a one night thing (very rare), or one of the crazy ones that want to tell you they love over Sunday morning coffee three dates in (much more common). It’s a minefield but with casual sex contacts, you already know what you’re getting yourself in to.

There are hundreds of reasons you should be talking about casual sex contacts and this is just the tip of the iceberg quite frankly. To experience it, you actually need to do it. So what is it you’re waiting for anyway?

4 Surprising Ways Casual Sex Is More Refreshing Than New Socks

Over the years, casual sex has been seen as something very detrimental to the emotional health to young individuals, especially young women, and because of that, one night stands, no strings attached fun, sex-only connections, whatever it is you want to call them, are often seen as a bad thing rather than the refreshing experience it actually could be.

casual sex encountersThese days, women aren’t so worried about the idea of casual sex, mostly because they are living the same kind of life that the single guys lead – they have busy lives, hectic social schedules, and to be quite frank about it all, no real time to indulge in a real, long-term relationship.

Plus, when you’re young and having fun, who wants to be settled down with a guy or girl when you’re not quite sure they are actually the one? Especially when there are so many new fish in the sea to explore…

More and more women and men are jumping on the NSA bandwagon, and with the ladies becoming more empowered, taking the reins when it comes to their sexuality in a way that many men have been doing for years, it has lead the way for a sexual revolution like nothing we have ever seen before.

It would appear, ladies and gentlemen, that casual sex is the way forward – more refreshing than new socks!

See, there are four reasons right off the bat that explains why this new dating style is becoming more and more popular.

Firstly, even those not in relationships deserve to have a bit of slap and tickle from time to time, don’t they? It’s hardly fair to believe that singletons don’t deserve mind-blowing sex just like their in-a-relationship counterparts have. What other choice do they have? They could always pay for sex of course, but that’s a different topic of conversation altogether.

Secondly, casual sex often leads the way for more experimental, interesting, fun and unique experiences. When you know you aren’t going to see that other person again, (or you will be just in a purely sexual capacity) you all of a sudden don’t have quite so many inhibitions. Who cares if the person you’re taking to your bed thinks that your one little fantasy is weird? You don’t care about judgment because they aren’t coming back again!

Thirdly, when women are given the power to explore sexually without any judgment, they go crazy! As a male that regularly indulges in a bit of no strings attached fun with quite frankly, some of the hottest women on the planet, I can say in all honesty when they don’t need to worry about whether or not you’ll be their next love interest, women can be quite naughty between the sheets! Try it – you’ll see.

Fourthly, studies have shown that young individuals that indulge in casual sex generally show fewer symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety – apparently good sex with someone you may or may never see again is good for your health! You can’t really argue with science, can you?

So there you have it – there really is something to be said about casual sex.

Isn’t it about time you investigated further?